Etsy Services

Get Me Started on Etsy - $50 for an hour.

What it is – I will help you through the process of setting up an Etsy Shop

What it involves – Sometimes the set-up process for Etsy can be daunting for the uninitiated. If you are overwhelmed and would like some support, I will help you through the process of getting your shop up and running. I will give you a list of the things that you’ll need and the questions that Etsy will ask, for  which you’ll need answers. I will also give you some pointers about how to do some Etsy research, which you can do prior to our meeting so we can maximize our time.

What you supply – your time, photos, descriptions, and information for your shop. 

product photography for Etsy - $35 per half hour and $50 per hour of camera time which includes Photoshop editing.

What it is – Pictures of your products edited and correctly sized for your Etsy shop!

What it involves - Bring your products to me and I will take photos of them on a white or black background in natural light and edit them so you can upload them to Etsy. If you hang out to help we can take quite a few pictures in that amount of time. You will get your photos sized to your specifications via Dropbox a week later.  All you have to do is upload them!

What you supply – The products, if you have a special prop you want to use you bring that, and, if you want to move quickly, you are welcome to stick around and help!

Etsy Banner photography session ad-on- $25

What it is – I will create a lovely Etsy Banner using a photo from our session and add any text you would like.

What it involves - If you know you want a banner during our photography session, we can take a specially staged photo of your products specifically for that purpose. Otherwise, I will take your favorite photo, add any text you would like and size it for an Etsy Banner.

What you supply – Choose your favorite photo from our session and the text you want on it.

Etsy design Package - $50 and up

What it is – Make your Etsy shop shine with a custom designed banner, custom order icon, sale icon, closed shop version of your banner, an avatar, a “Visit My Etsy Shop” ad for your website, if you have one, and a “thank you” card that you can print on your printer to include with the items you send to your customers.  

What it involves – I will take create a design just for your Etsy shop and apply it to all of the items listed. If I have already made you a design for your website or blog I will continue that design onto all of your Etsy items, if you’d like.  If you already have a website or blog with a design that you like, I will create your items in a way that is stylistically similar.  I can help you install them too.

What you supply – If you want a typeface that I don’t currently own, you’ll need to buy that and if you have a photo that you want to use, you’ll need to supply that too.